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Setting Recruitment Standards

Appointment processes for recruitment to all positions within the remit of the Public Service Management (Recruitment and Appointments) Act 2004 are subject to Codes of Practice published by the Commission for Public Service Appointments.

The Codes set out the regulatory framework for such appointment processes and centre on five recruitment principles:

  • Probity
  • Appointments made on merit
  • An appointments process in line with best practice
  • A fair appointments process applied with consistency
  • Appointments made in an open, accountable and transparent manner

The Codes provide examples of each principle in practice to illustrate the Commission's views on their application and to indicate the areas the Commission will seek to review through its audit function.

The Codes also set out requirements in relation to the conduct of candidates in the selection process, thereby ensuring that a standardised approach to recruitment is adopted by all participants.

The Codes were revised in 2017 in response to changing work and social environments and the need to keep abreast of good practice.

Codes of Practice

The Commission currently has five Codes of Practice, available on this website.  Any future codes or amendments to the existing codes will be published on this website. Copies of the Commission’s former Codes of Practice are available by contacting the office.