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Appendix 2

Survey Form issued to Departments


Name of Department/Office

 1.   Is there a mix of Administrative and Professional and Technical staff in your organisation? (yes/no) 
  If no, the remaining questions do not apply.  If yes, please answer the following questions. 
 2.    Please set out the following
 a.   Each Professional and Technical Grade/Job title within your Office/ Departmentb.   Promotion outlet for this Grade/Job titlec.   In the most recent appointment process, were General Service staff members with the relevant qualifications permitted to apply for promotion to positions referred to in column b?d.   General Service equivalent of the promotion outlet referred to in column be.   In the most recent appointment process were staff members in the grades referred to in column a. permitted to apply for promotion to positions referred to in column d?

3.   Please advise if the arrangements set out in 2c and 2e above will apply for all future promotion processes for these grades.


4.   If “cross streaming”  is, in general, not permitted for internal promotions, please advise if one or more of the following apply:


(i)            It is the view of the Office/Department that the Office/Department is best served by retaining the separation between Professional and Technical Staff on the one hand and General Service staff on the other. 

If this is the Office/Department’s position, please set out the rationale for the position.

(ii)          The Department/Office favours cross streaming promotions, has sought the agreement of staff representative bodies locally on cross streaming but has failed to achieve an agreement  
(iii)         The Department/Office favours cross streaming promotions but will not proceed on this without a central agreement and explicit direction from Department of Finance  (y/n)  
5.   Please include details of any successful attempts to introduce cross stream promotions.  If you have had some positions opened up in this manner please provide a brief description how this came about and any effect this will have on the future filling of these positions.