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The role of the Commission is to ensure that all appointments are made following a competitive merit-based selection process and that the principles in the Code of Practice are underpinned by the core values of probity such as integrity, fairness and ethical conduct.

The Commission would like to acknowledge the commitment of the Licence Holder to take immediate action to deal with the alleged breach of security in order to protect the integrity of the process first and foremost and to ensure that all candidates were afforded the opportunity of a fair and transparent competitive process.

Following the Licence Holder’s own internal investigation as well as the Commission’s review of this incident it has been established that the breach of security in this instance had no adverse impact on the final outcome of the selection process.  Furthermore the Commission is satisfied that the Licence Holder is examining whether the breach in security warrants attention under its internal disciplinary procedures. 

Based on the findings of its review the Commission concludes that, while there were no breaches of the Code as alleged, there are areas for improvement to be considered by the Licence Holder in conducting a similar process, e.g. reviewing and strengthening security arrangements when providing advance access to a live test site, providing additional meaningful information in advance of the tests on how candidates will be assessed and improved feedback on performance relative to other candidates.