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Safeguarding Recruitment Standards

The Commission for Public Service Appointments' key objective is to ensure that high standards of probity, equity and fairness apply throughout the public appointments system and that all appointments are made on the basis of merit. The standards – which are published as Codes of Practice – are safeguarded through a robust audit and evaluation process.

The Commission's audit and evaluation process can target various aspects of recruitment and selection, including:

A specific appointments process

  • A specific licence holder's appointments processes to assess compliance with the terms and conditions of the relevant recruitment licence
  • A specific aspect of the appointments process as practised by a range of licence holders and office holders
  • Appointments processes for selection for promotion conducted by office holders.

The Commission prepares a short report detailing the outcome of each audit and evaluation process and, where appropriate, includes recommendations to address any area for improvement identified during the exercise.

The Audits of Recruitment and Selection Activity are available on this website.